Friday, May 27, 2011

BITE Allergy Friendly Bakery on Miami Beach Continues to Impress!

SAD SAD NEWS.  BITE IS NOW CLOSED, and MARIE IS NOT WORKING FROM HOME...  Keeping this post up for us as a real reminder... When we have AWESOME stores dedicated to making our lives with food allergies better, we NEED to support them!!!!

As an alternative, check out Bunnie Cakes - my post for them is here. 

I rarely, if ever, write about the same place twice... But, this is deserved. I continue to be overly impressed with BITE (click to see my first post), where every person with an allergy deserves a bite of some delicious dessert! For those of you challah lovers, BITE now makes delicious gluten free oat challah every Friday, as well as all sorts of amazing pastries (last week were the BEST cinnamon rolls I've ever had (didn't even think they were gluten free!!! and neither did the NON GF folk I was nice enough to share them with)). I was lucky to try the lemon bars, and chocolate bars, both fabulous. Also worthy to note, BITE has a great selection of KATZ's gluten free products, (click on Katz's to see my favorite picks).

Monday, May 16, 2011

Jovial Gluten Free Cookies - They Will Make You Happy!

 Its always a real treat when someone asks me to try their new gluten free product.   This time, a friend sent over 3 boxes of Jovial gluten free cookies.  Fig filled, chocolate cream and vanilla cream.  I first tried the vanilla cream.  It has a crunchy chocolate outside and smooth vanilla cream filling.  The filling most reminds of a delicious frosting, like the kind you'd find on a Publix cake - only this is much lighter somehow, but, not less tasty. 

As a self diagnosed chocoholic (with all who know me in unanimous agreement), I would have thought the chocolate creme filled would have won my heart and would have been a sure win first place for me.  Surprisingly, my heart and stomach are in utter LOVE with the fig filled cookies.  They have a soft cookie outside and oh so fabulous fig filling - the filling reminded me of my fig craze, where all I'd want to do is saute figs in olive oil until they were perfectly caramelized. 

This filling is that good and the soft outside brought me memories of a fig newton, but, I never fell in love with fig newtons, these are just better.  Its a light snack - I've hid them in my office drawer, and make sure to close the door before I eat them, who wants to share? :). The chocolate cream filled are just like their vanilla cream filled counterparts - harder crunchy outside with light frosting like cream inside. 

The good news is these cookies are easily accessible on - the link and picture of the cookies can be found below.  Let me know what you think, which is your favorite??


Cookie, Organic, Vanilla Cream, Gf, 7 oz (pack of 10 )