Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Paquitos - Tasty Gluten Free Mexican Food in North Miami Beach

Paquitos, authentic Mexican food exists in North Miami Beach.  I've been craving delicious nachos for some time, and have no time or energy to make anything myself lately... hence the reason for this blog - and the many gluten free accommodating restaurants I've found and love to share with you.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pizza Fusion - Now on South Beach!!

Pizza Fusion FINALLY made its way to South Beach!!!!  I'm a HUGE Pizza Fusion fan, and was definitely depressed to learn of the closing of the North Miami Beach location - so I'm thrilled to know Pizza Fusion is now in my back yard!  Best of all - they have NEW menu items!!! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Zuma - Miami's Upscale, Gluten Free Accommodating & Delicious Cuisine

Zuma, a modern Japanese cuisine style restaurant is your place if you're in need of an exquisite dinning experience (warning, it is pricey so make it a special occasion!).  Zuma is already in London, Hong Kong, Istanbul and Dubai, and has now blessed Miami with its presence. Zuma is inspired by the informal Japanese dinning style called izakaya.  

Let me set up my Zuma experience for you.  We called ahead, as I typically try to do when dinning in a new place - to make sure I'll have some options with my gluten free diet.  They were honest and told us weekdays are much better for accommodations then weekends, when they are slammed.  It's a perfect date night place, so my personal chef and I decided to go for our date night, i.e., Monday night (have to have something to look forward to on dreaded Monday's).  

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Miami Beach's BEST Gluten Free Steakhouse

Red the Steakhouse is home to one of my favorite filets.  The certified Angus beef prime and perfectly seasoned beef make for one the best filets. If you're a meat eater like I am, you've had a good steak before, but, there's just that extra umph with Red that takes it to that next level, its not just a good steak, its orgasmic.

Thankfully steak and potatoes are great for my gluten free self!  My last trip to Red, I had the special side of the day, sweet corn.  I love corn and eat it often, but, never thought of gourmet corn until trying Red's.

It's smothered in butter, and deliciously creamy.  I'm ready for another!

The mashed potatoes ($8.90) are a staple side for us as well, creamy, rich, tasty, buttery and soo yummy.

Next up, the best part of the meal, the 8 oz. filet ($39).  I've been to Red at least 5 times, and the filet is always consistent.  You can taste the fact that its plain and simply great quality meat, and perfectly seasoned on the outside.  Add perfectly cooked and you have yourself a perfect steak!


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