Sunday, September 12, 2010

Disapointment at Olivers, for this Celiac... =(

All chefs have bad days, but, this chef's behavior was inexcusable.  I was excited to eat at Oliver's Bistro
(959 West Ave # 15 Miami Beach, FL), who does have great food (crunchy tempura chicken salad was my absolute favorite, prior to being diagnosed as a celiac, of course).  I was hoping I could have a great meal, GF style.  The restaurant was EMPTY, maybe 1 other table in the whole place. 

I reviewed the menu and had my heart set on the "Thai Red Chicken Curry," which the menu said was accompanied with "GRILLED plantains, house made mango chutney and jasmine rice."  I was most thrilled to have plantains, especially as I was under the impression they were grilled.  After being glutenized by accident in prior attempts to eat out, I am more careful, and always advise my server of my "gluten allergy" (much simpler than saying celiac disease). 

The server was kind enough to ask the chef if this entree was suitable for me to consume.  The server advised me that the "grilled plantains" are really FRIED and then put on the grill for effect (nice and misleading menu!).  Unfortunately, they are fried in the same oil as the yummy chicken tempura I could no longer consume.  The plantains were the highlight of the dish for me, I was disappointed, and asked if the chef could make the plantains for me special, in a pan (or grilled as stated on the menu), instead of frying them.  The server came back saying absolutely not, the chef will not make any accommodations for you, and if you'd like any other side, we will charge you for that side. 

I have been to many restaurants that understand how unaccommodating celiac disease is and certainly make adjustments to the customer leaves happy, not Olivers.  After that attitude, I didn't bother ordering.  Oliver's is off my list, sadly.  This is one place, I hope learns to "step up," for now, thumbs way down.

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  1. I EAT THERE...

    I am a diagnosed Celiac and have high sensitivity to gluten.

    My diet is EXTREMELY regulated so that I know whether I am affected when I try anything new.

    The only meal I eat at Oliver's is the GRILLED CHURASCO STEAK and substitute the "crisp herb fries" (which are fried in the same oil as other breaded items) with roasted potatoes. I have been eating there once per week for almost a year with absolutely no problems.

  2. Phillip, I am SO pleased to hear this. When I went to Olivers, they would NOT substitute an item for me. I discussed with managers (who agreed with me) but, left it up to the chef (who I believe was the owner) who would NOT accommodate. I advised they lost a customer - and very much hope this made them change the way they treat customers/do business. I wish I didn't hold a grudge, but, I do. I hope you enjoy them, but, I'm going to have a hard time giving them a second chance after being treated so poorly. I very much hope my experience helped pave the way for smoother experiences for Celiac's.