Monday, June 20, 2011

Popcorners! A Healthy, Tasty Gluten Free Snack

Popcorners, all natural, and all gluten free! I've recently found these delicious treats, and must say, I'm pleasantly surprised. As you know, finding delicious gluten free snacks can be a difficult feat. Popcorners comes in 5 flavors, white cheddar, kettle, butter, sea salt, and cheesy jalapeno. Thus far, I've tried the kettle and sea salt and do love them both. I was thrilled to receive Popcorners as an option on a Jet Blue flight, and am equally excited to see that AM theatre's is now offering a healthy snack option, including Popcorners, a bottle of water, a trail mix bar and fruit chips.

As you'll notice, every package notes that it's Gluten Free right on the front of the bag!

It's like a popcorn and a chip united and a popcorner was born. It's like no other chip you've tried. Closest to a corn chip, but, so much tastier.

Addictive, and thankfully, healthier than alternative chips. Try them and let me know what you think!