Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wowbutter! Peanut Butter Minus Peanuts?!

In addition to being a Celiac, I am oh so lucky and have food allergies too!  I've always had allergies, dust, pollen, grass, molds - not for me!  But... after being diagnosed with Celiac disease, I decided to go back to my allergist and ask for a full panel of testing for food allergies.  I was bummed with the results...  Be careful what you ask for!  Turns out I am now also not able to eat nuts (of just about any kind).  I LOVE reeses, it's one of my favorites, and nuts of all kinds, especially chocolate covered nuts, oh so delicious.. so bummed. And peanut butter, I just love peanut butter.  My fantastic boyfriend found WowButter, a peanut butter replacement, and immediately thought of me, so sweet.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Gluten Free Alcohol!! What's Safe??

When seeking information nowadays, where does one turn?  Wikipedia,(and google) of course!  As a Celiac, it's so very important to have a completely gluten free life, but, you're alive and want to have fun too! Important to know, is what you can and cannot drink! 

I turned to Wikipedia, where I found a great breakdown of what alcohols are gluten free.  Specifically, I was very curious if all wines are gluten free, whether the sulfites and corks are an issue, which alcohols besides the obvious beer do us Celiacs have to stay away from and much more...  Keep reading to get the low down!