Monday, May 28, 2012

Nutritionist & Gluten Free Specialist Hits a Home Run with Belly Hugs

Belly Hugs

Belly Hugs brings 100% organic and 100% gluten free goodness to Hollywood, Florida.  Owned and operated by Dawn Michelle, a nutritionist who wanted to bring nutritional value to her client's and the rest of the world. I'm always thrilled to hear about new gluten free establishments and was extra pleased to meet Dawn Michelle in person and hear how she genuinely cared to help and how excited she was to have a venue to do so.

Gluten Free Hot Dog at the Marlin's Ball Park!

The new Miami Marlin's stadium is a work of art. It wouldn't be Miami if there were not monstrous disagreements in regards to funding and building... But, most importantly, for a person like me who could not give a hoot about baseball, I am now excited to go to a game, and have the option of drinking a gluten free beer and eating a gluten free hot dog to boot!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Morton's, the Steakhouse - NO LONGER Gluten Free Goodness!

As of February 7, 2011 I was thrilled with Morton's.  I wrote this stunning review below, and spent many a lunch and dinner enjoying Morton's.  Until yesterday.  I am still so incredibly ill from my meal at Morton's.  To be honest I am pissed, disappointed, in incredible pain, and disgusted.  I was at Morton's for a business lunch, had a caesar salad - no croutons, rib eye (specifically asked to verify the sauce and assure it was gluten free) with a baked potato (plain), and berries.  Sounds harmless... But, no.  One hour after leaving Morton's and me and the restroom bonded like I never want to bond with a restroom.  Did I advise the server I needed a gluten free meal? Yes.  Did I ask the server to confirm 100 times over that my meal would be gluten free? Yes.  Was I served a gluten free meal? Who knows?  Was I served food that gave me food poisoning? Who knows.  All I do know is that my meal at Morton's is the cause of my severe pain. I understand Morton's is recently under new management.  But, I still expect great service, including server's exceptionally trained in dealing with guests that have food allergies (which Morton's had in the past) and I expect quality food (when paying a decent price for a meal, you don't expect to be sick afterwards). I expected more from you, Morton's!  I hope Morton's new management steps up and takes a hard look at proper training, the importance of understanding the severity of guests with food allergies and the importance of quality ingredients. Until Morton's shapes up, I don't plan on returning.



Morton's, the Steakhouse is a great place for Celiacs! Good salad, good steak and great berries = a wonderful meal! Morton's has a great gluten free selection. Best of all, Morton's has a special $109 steak and seafood for TWO menu! We chose this menu and enjoyed it, see our images below. For $109 for two people, you can enjoy a salad, steak, seafood, side and dessert. A lot of food! (I'm also allergic to seafood, so I just had the steak). Makes for a great place to celebrate a special occasion.
I enjoyed my meal at Morton's, see the images here:

Caesar salad, sans croutons

Delicious filet!

Perfectly baked, baked potato!

Fresh berries, a perfect ending

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Red Velvet GF Goodness??

Heartland Gourmet offer's gluten free baked mixes.  I was shocked to find Heartland's "red velvet cupcake mix" at Marshalls for $3.99!  I had to try it.  

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gluten Free Pretzel Sticks!

Pretzels are no longer a snack of the past for Celiac's.  Snyder's of Hanover has 3 certified gluten free products, including pretzel sticks, mini pretzels and tortilla chips. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Brennan's - My Favorite New Orleans Restaurant

I love Lazone!
New Orleans is a blast.  The French Quarter's Bourbon street is as dirty as can be, garbage cans are on the street in plain site, yet, you still LOVE the place.  It's warm, very friendly, parades happen on random Tuesday's, it's a great place.  For someone like me that's gluten free, with a shellfish allergy and a distaste for seafood - me and New Orleans are not a great culinary combination.

Hands down, Brennan's, off of Royal Street, was my favorite restaurant. Lazone, the chef pictured to your right actually came out and discussed my gluten free options with me after hearing my specific allergies and needs, and created perfection for me.

Well, in full disclosure, perfection for me is chocolate + steak, with the chocolate first.