Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gluten Free Chicken Tenders That Plain & Simply ROCK!

S' Better Farms, a family owned company, makes wheat free, gluten free, KOSHER and absolutely delicious chicken fingers. The chicken is not fed hormones, and is able to roam - isn't caged.  It's remarkable, they taste just like I remember them tasting - when they weren't gluten free. You don't taste a bite and say, ehh - they're ok, I still feel like I'm missing out. You say, seriously, did I just cheat on my gluten free diet??

Had to share them with you because I was so excited to finally get to try them. They were difficult for me to find. (As you can see here, they are only available in a few U.S. states - they are also available online here - but, beware of astronomical shipping costs).  Also exciting to note, is they make gluten free beef CORN DOGS and four other types of chicken.  My local publix only carries Bell & Evans gluten free chicken tenders/nuggets - which are great, but... not kosher.  For those of you in Dade or Broward County in Florida --Aroma in Coral Springs has them.  

They look like the real thing, and taste like the real thing, YUM

All ready, add ketchup and enjoy!

I am SOO happy when I find quick meal ideas.  For those of us that are exhausted coming home from work, and have no desire to cook - delicious frozen meal ideas are a great fix.  I'm happy to have found S'Better Farms, and hope it helps you as well!


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