Monday, September 3, 2012

Trapiche Room at JW Marriott - Sensory Overload

The Trapiche Room
The Trapiche Room is an intimate fine dining Mediterranean restaurant at the JW Marriott in Miami.  Luckily, it also participates in Miami Spice from August 1 to September 30, giving diners an appetizer, entree and desert for $19 for lunch and $33 for dinner.  Lunch is offered fro Mon-Fri and dinner is offered from Tues-Sat.  This is not a quick meal - don't expect to be in an out in an hour, not that kinda place.

I was there for lunch. Service is unbelievable.  I advised my server I was gluten-free and recalled JW Marriott being very accommodating.  I asked if there was gluten-free bread.  He immediately checked and brought back warm gluten-free goodness.  It's a rarity to have gluten-free bread at a restaurant, I cherish these moments!!

 Gluten-Free BREAD!!!

Dessert first!!   I let the server know what a chocoholic I was and he was kind enough to put delicious chocolate sauce and a scrumptious chocolate crisp on top of the homemade chocolate ice cream.

 Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and a chocolate and peanut crisp

Next up, salad.  This was a unique salad, carrot, asparagus, tomato, and drizzled balsamic vinaigrette.

Chef’s greens salad fresh organic mesclun greens with seasonal vegetables and ricotta salata

Next, hands down the best rissoto I've ever had in my life.  Let me be clear, I never thought I liked risotto, until trying this sweet corn risotto.  It had the consistency of a delicious hash brown, with a toasted outside and a moist and tasteful inside.  This is not a crunchy risotto, the consistency of this risotto is perfection to me, it's moist enough so that you can easily chew it and it's a flavor overload. The chicken is also incredibly, the figs are an amazing taste sensation that add perfectly to the moist perfectly cooked chicken.  I wouldn't have changed a thing.
Pinot marinated Tanglewood chicken Sweet corn risotto, summer squash, Grappa jus and Port infused Fresh Figs

Because my amazing server paid attention, he know I was obsessed with chocolate, and brought over a complimentary mouse dessert for me.  Incredibly sweet.  P.S. - If you would have asked me before I tried this dessert if I liked mouse, the answer would have been a capital NO.  After this dessert, a hearty YES, but just this one. 

 Decadent chocolate mousse drizzled with mango coulis

A special surprise followed with the check, chocolate truffles, just for us. SO sweet, and oh my, so decadent.  It was a chocolate overload of a meal - just my type!

Chocolate truffles!!
I've found my new favorite restaurant for luxury dining in Miami. 

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