Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gluten-Free Crepes Available for Catering - Exclusive Interview

From miamicrepes.net
Chef Jonathan Bierley Sr. of Miami Crepes gave me some great news.  Chef Jonathan said:
"more and more customers are asking for gluten free and vegetarian options. It is becoming the new food revolution that other caterers neglect. This is why I have dedicated a section of my website and my business to fill this void and to inform people of the gluten free choices that are out there in the world."
Chef Jonathan was kind enough to let me have ask him some questions about his new Gluten-Free catering - here's the dish:
  • Question - Can you make any crepe gluten free?
  • Answer - Absolutely! Once you take care of the batter, The majority of my ingredients are fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • From miamicrepes.net

  • Question - Are you catering to any other type of allergy?
  • Answer - Unfortunately, Crepes use milk, and I use peanut butter & Nutella has hazelnuts.

  • Question - Is there a specific area you'll serve?
  • Answer - All of my prices already include per diem for travel which allows me to go anywhere in Florida from Orlando to Key West

  •  Question - What steps do you take to avoid cross contamination?
  •  Answer - Just like a Kosher catering, I will have equipment set aside just for gluten free catering for the most sensitive consumer.

  •  Question - Which brand of gluten free flour do you use?
  •  Answer - My safety flour is always Red Mill. I have been experimenting with gluten free flour from local whole food markets as well.

  • Question - How long will the gluten free Crepes hold up before delivery/use?
  • Answer - Crepe batter will hold as long as the milk does. The Crepes are then spun fresh at your event. 

  • From miamicrepes.net
  • Question - Do you train employees on allergy sensitivities?

  • Answer - It is a part of the food handler program required by the state of Florida.
  • Question - How'd you come up with your gluten free crepe recipe? (Entree, Breakfast and Dessert Menus)
  • Answer - Taste trials
  • Question - Do you have any plan to expand to additional gluten free products?
  • Answer - My specialty is Crepes.
  • Question - Have you tested your gluten free foods - I.e. - do you know what part for million of gluten your food contains?
  • Answer - I have never personally tested. Red Mill is considered the "gold standard" testing weekly.
  • Question - Do you have high demand for gluten free Crepes? Is there a specific geographic area that orders more gluten free than another?
  • Answer - There is a substantial demand for gluten free in the South Florida Market

  • I'm thrilled to have a gluten-free catering option, and hope you are as well.  Have you tried Miami Crepes?


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