Friday, July 12, 2013

Does Your Primary Doctor Speak Celiac? If so, SHARE!

I feel like this guy when I think of continuing care for a Celiac.  Maybe you feel the same, hence why I'm writing...  We ALL have our crazy journey's before getting diagnosed with Celiac disease... My big question is... THEN WHAT?

So... You're on a gluten free diet... BUT, what about your continuing care???

I want to hear from YOU and want your recommendations.

Do you have a primary physician or nutritionist that's a rock star?  If so, name drop here, and more importantly, SHARE WHY!  Do you do testing every so often, do you check vitamin levels, what? 

As I'm looking for a new primary doctor, I want one that speaks Celiac - that gets what my body has gone through and knows what to look out for during regular check ups to keep me on track.  Suggestions welcome - rock stars only - and South Florida area.

If you're provider does something specific - SHARE and TEACH us - so we can bring this information to our doctors.


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  1. My son uses Dr. Natalie Gardiner at Mt. Sinai. I found her through the functional medicine web site, which is a good place to start.