Monday, March 28, 2011

Cantina Laredo @ Gulfstream = YUMMY

If you're in South Florida, you've heard of Gulfstream. A racetrack turned casino, mammoth shopping center with restaurants and bars. I was excited to try Cantina Laredo and even more excited to know they had a gluten free menu as part of their regular menu!

Looking at the menu (a picture is below, the bottom of the menu page indicates that all items marked with a grey circle are GLUTEN FREE!!). They also have vegetarian items marked with a green circle.

Since life's short, I would typically start with dessert first, but, the only gluten free option is flan - not my thing, personally, but, if you're into it, enjoy!

The corn chips are incredible! They are fried separately and assured to be gluten free and are oh so worth it! I really can't wait to get them again, they may be my absolute favorite chips. They come with 2 salsas, one mild and one spicy - if you read my Chipotle post, you know I'll stick to the mild. P.S. - The chips are refillable!

I ordered the chicken fajitas with only grilled onions ($15.29), I'm not into the peppers.

The fajitas also come with rice and refried beans, and best of all, corn tortillas.

I made delicious fajitas and was REALLY happy with my meal - it was perfection.

I can't wait to return! BIG THUMBS UP FOR CANTINA LAREDO!!

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