Friday, March 4, 2011

Eating Gluten Free in Orlando... Part 2

During my last Orlando trip, I had a fun filled day at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. I have to say, both Disney and Universal are the BEST at training employees and understanding and accommodating food allergies. I was similarly pleasantly surprised with Pollo Campero.

On an important note, I used Chowhound's recommendations in Orlando, and was unpleasantly surprised - Taste is NOT gluten free, the owners and chefs came out to apologize - they are not sure why they were added, and very few items are accommodated.

The manager of Pollo Campero came out to discuss what items were and were not gluten free, and he had a cheat sheet of gluten free items he showed me in the process detailing all items. I noticed his sheet was much different than the one posted on Pollo Campero's website (I'd suggest you ask each location to get their sheet of gluten free items before ordering).

I had the chicken meal with white rice and maduros. The maduros are baked and were really the highlight of the meal for me. The chicken was perfectly seasoned and moist. This is a great fast food option - the meal is about $6.99 and doesn't taste like its fast food!

At Universal I had the best turkey leg! I'm always psyched when I can have fries, and Universal was great about keeping the fries gluten free and all of the staff/chef's knew exactly what I was talking about! Big points for the education/training.

Doesn't this look delicious?! It really was. The turkey literally falls off the bone, its cooked to perfection!
BIG THUMBS UP to Universal and Pollo Campero!

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  1. Thanks for the info. Trying to locate part 1.

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