Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chow Down - Gluten Free Accommodating on Miami Beach!

...NOW CLOSED... =(

Brewhouse has taken over Chow Down! 

Another reminder to support those restaurants that accommodate us gluten free folk!

Chow Down Grill on 9th and Alton Road on South Beach is one of my new favorite gluten free friendly spots. During my first visit, I brought my favorite gluten free soy sauce with me and the chef was kind enough to use it, and explain how they would treat my gluten free meal differently to assure it stayed that way.  The chef then advised that Chow Down would carry my gluten free soy sauce, and welcome me back.  Their full menu is here. Since then, I've gone back to Chow Down at least 4 more times, and the promise was kept.
My favorite item is the chicken fried rice. It's not like any chicken fried rice I've tried.  It tastes fresh, the ingredients sing to you.  The corn is a delicious touch. The red peppers are slight and a perfect addition. 

The coloring is beautiful - you can see the corn, scallions, peppers and the chicken peaking through
I decided to also try the gluten free noodles with beef.  I have to say, this entree wasn't the star. I like robust taste, the beef I thought was great, the noodles were too bland for me and the spices didn't bring out enough flavor for me.  I picked through the beef and chowed down on the fried rice.

 I will continue to return to Chow Down for what I think is the best chicken fried rice out there.

THUMBS UP for Chow Down!
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