Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Need Gluten Free in Washington DC?

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Chef Geoff's is know for its contemporary American Cuisine, casual sophistication, and generous hospitality, after one trip, you'll know why. I was in DC on a work trip, actually, a pretty cool one.  The Department of Commerce asked me to go to DC to teach a delegation about importing medical devices into the U.S., in compliance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  Alright, this may only be cool to me, but, it was a success nonetheless.  When the seminar was over, I was hungry, of course, and wanted wine and steak! I asked locals for a great spot, and Chef Geoff's was the hands down recommendation. 
I was there right around happy hour, and was pre-advised that the happy hour specials are great.  This was definitely public knoweledge as the bar was packed, not even one empty seat for lil' ol' me!  The hostess was a doll and sat me close to the bar, and advised I could still order the happy hour specials, as long as I also ordered from the menu.  Not hard to do!  Check out the dinner menu here, and guess what? They have a special gluten free menu (with prices) and it's below (although if you want to see it clearly, just click on the gluten free menu above).  I was so impressed that they had a gluten free menu, all knew what gluten free was and took it seriously, so I ordered away!

Now, for the drinks!  I love sangria - who doesn't?!  Geoff's special feature was a Candy Apple Sangria - wow! Hands down, the best sangria I've ever had.  I love sweet drinks, the sweeter the better, and this fit the bill.  Delicious, sweet, not tart, just the right flavoring of apple and orange, and craisins to boot!

Next up, White Truffle-Parmesan Popcorn. What a perfect combination, the salty Parmesan cheese with the buttery popcorn - a great start to a delicious meal.

I'm a sucker for potato leak soup - especially when the word truffle appears before it.  This soup was fantastic.

Last up, Spice Grilled Flat Iron Steak - supposed to come with yucca fries, chimichurri sauce, and roasted tomatillo - but, my kind waitress found out the yucca fries were in fact fried with glutenous items, therefore, not gluten free for me.  We substituted for fingerling potatoes, a delicious choice.  The flat iron steak wasn't my favorite, it was thicker than expected, thankfully the chimichurri sauce and lime helped pick up the flavors the steak itself didn't come with.

All in all, a spectacular meal - the sangria, popcorn, potato leak soup, fingerling potatoes - all perfection!  I would absolutely, without hesitation go back to Chef Geoff's when I return to DC.

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