Monday, August 20, 2012

Gluten Free Spanish Style Tapas on South Beach

Barceloneta, a Spanish tapas restaurant on South Beach is incredibly gluten free friendly and brings a whole new flavor to the Beach.  You'll get a real flavor for Spanish tapas, and lucky you, they are delicious!!  You'll have to get a closer glimpse of the menu.  So many options - many of which I never tried before.

You'll get served complimentary olives to start.  I'm not a fan personally, but, always appreciate when a restaurant appreciates my business and provides a complimentary snack to start.

Next up, my favorite spanish tapas, Tortilla de Patata, $7, it's a spanish style potato and egg omelet.  It's perfect.  Big chunks of potato make for the perfect omelet.  I've never liked omelet's, but, can't get enough of this tapas - I pick out the potatoes.  Yum.

Next - patatas bravas, $8.  These are potatoes with aioli and spicy tomato.  I'm not a fan of spice, and these happen to be too hot for me.  I rubbed most of the sauce off, and enjoyed the potato with little spice.  If you like a tangy potato, this is the potato for you.

A glass of wine is always warranted with a delicious dinner.  I loved the glasses, and for South Beach, $6 a glass isn't bad.

Last up - Half Baby Chicken, $15. The chicken was perfectly cooked, juicy, flavorful, not spicy! It came with a sauce that accompanied the chicken perfectly.  On the right is a vegetable mix with all sorts of peppers - also not spicy, it was a great addition to the chicken.

Everything on the menu "From the Mountain" is perfect for us Celiac's.  Lots of options, and lots of great taste - Barceloneta is a must try for all looking for a great tasty gluten free meal.


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