Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rent or Nobu 57?


Nobu has 24 locations world wide.  I was fortunate to dine at Nobu 57, in NYC.  If I had to summarize the experience (and yes, Nobu is an experience) into one word, it'd be WOAH!! Expensive, oh yeah (but, what isn't in New York?)!! Worth it?  Read on!
Most importantly, the staff is fantastic, and extremely knowledgeable about what items are gluten free.  When I asked if Nobu was accommodating, if I'd have options to choose from, whether or not the server knew those options, cross contamination issues, etc., I was met with an of course face - best face ever!!  Nothing eases this Celiac like knowing my body is in good hands and I wont be sick thereafter.

First, cocktails! I started with the Red Berry Harvest, $18. Fresh blueberries, blueberry vodka, strawberry liqueur, cranberry juice, and fresh lime juice.  Delicious, oh yeah!

Next up, dessert.  Yes, dessert!!  What else would I start with?!?  I read some reviews and saw from fellow Celiac's that the Chocolate Bento Box, $15 was gluten free. It's a dark chocolate coulant and sesame crisp. Best way to describe this? INCREDIBLE!! The delicious chocolate brownie like dessert below has chocolate flowing on the inside as well.  What an incredible way to start a meal!!

Next up, Nobu Combination Lunch, I chose the chicken meal, and it comes with miso soup, salad and rice, as well as sushi, $38. I haven't had miso soup in some time, most make it with soy sauce, but, Nobu, oh no!  It's gluten free!!

We also ordered edamame, $7.

Next up salad, arugula lettuce, and oil/vinegar dressing.  Fresh and tasty, but, I wanted to save more room for my chicken.

Last up, chicken, rice, and bean sprouts.  I'm a huge bean sprouts fan.  These were cooked differently, still crunchy, but, also really tasty - a vinegar taste, that went perfectly with the chicken.  And the chicken, so moist, and simple, yet so tasty.

Was this meal costly?  Yes!  Felt akin to a rent payment!!  Worth it?! YES!  Worth every penny, especially for Celiacs.  You have an extremely knowledgeable staff, amazing food (and dessert!!), and a gorgeous atmosphere.


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