Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gaylord Palms Orlando - A Whole Gluten Free Meal - BREAD Included!!

If you've never been to Gaylord Palms in Orlando, prepare yourself, it's an experience!! I was lucky enough to be there for a work conference. Wandering around the hotel you realize just how amazing the hotel is. You literally feel like your outside in the atrium - almost like a Vegas feel.

This is the atrium of the hotel - gorgeous, no?!

You can go from Key West to St. Augustine at Gaylord Palms, as different wings of the hotel are themed. If you do go, you MUST request a balcony. Seeing the different views of the atrium from your very own balcony are plain and simply cool! Our balcony view in the Everglades Atrium was of Old Hickory Steakhouse.

I couldn't look at the Steakhouse daily and not try it! And I'm SO glad I did.

Let me begin by saying GLUTEN FREE ACCOMMODATING!!!!

First off, they have GLUTEN FREE BREAD!!! Yes, its true. And... It's yummy!!!!!

This is the first time I've been served gluten free bread in a restaurant!!

I was in utter shock when the bread was served. I immediately said, that can't be for us, I cannot have gluten. They immediately said, it's Gluten Free! I've never been so excited!!

Next up, fillet!


Delicious sauteed onions!

Whipped mashed potatoes
The steak, onions and mashed potatoes were all very good.

The most memorable parts of the meal we're the gluten free bread and the surprise dessert I was served!! Oh how I will always think of Old Hickory Steakhouse fondly after this. They surprised me with "Enjoy Life" gluten free chocolate chip cookies, with 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce on top. It's like they've known me all my life!

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  1. I'm willing to make a detour just to get the free gluten free bread! I can't wait to compare it to the ones I get at long island gluten free stores. Thanks for the tip.