Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gluten Free CREPES (yes Crepes!!) in Coral Gables!!!

The Crepe Maker, a restaurant inspired by the delicious crepes in France can now be found in 6 states throughout the U.S. See all locations here.

I was fortunate enough to meet Doreen, who owns the Coral Gables franchise of the Crepe Maker at a Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce networking event. She handed me her card and I said I wish I could partake in a delicious crepe, but, I'd have to go all the way to the keys to have a gluten free crepe. Doreen immediately said her and her Husband, Robert, the crepe master would happily accommodate Celiac's, and they regularly do!! I hugged Doreen, I think she may have thought I was nuts, but, HOW EXCITED are you to think of REGULARLY having gluten free crepes?!?!

Here's the deal - Doreen and Robert need 24 hours advanced notice to make the gluten free batter. They use Arrowhead Mills gluten free mix to make the batter.

I wish these pictures could do these crepes justice, they are unbelievable!!! I started with a pizza crepe. Delish mozzarella cheese and sauce in a yummy gluten free crepe. Tastes better than most pizza you would order! At $4.95 its much cheaper too!

The idea behind the crepes are they can be hand held and you can walk around comfortably eating them.

As you can see, I didn't leave any behind!

I of course couldn't just have one! I recently found out I also have a nut allergy (lucky me!) so no Nutella for me =( I brought my own chocolate and Robert was kind enough to use it so I didn't have to miss out on my chocolate strawberry crepe!!

Chocolaty and delicious!! I took out some chocolate and strawberries so you could see the yummy goodness inside of it. And yes, sadly, I did consume both (with very minimal sharing of the chocolaty goodness). So delicious, and so excited to return.

A HUGE THUMBS UP to Doreen and Robert of Crepe Maker, PLEASE SUPPORT THEM!!!

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  1. how exciting! it reminds me of the time i literally cried tears of joy at Jason's Deli, because i could actually eat a sandwich out at a deli! it had been about 10 years for me.