Monday, January 10, 2011

Great Gluten Free Alternative to Beer - Have You Tried Woodchuck Cider??

Just because your diagnosed with Celiac disease, doesn't mean you can't have the food and beverages everyone else has - you just have to find great companies that can accommodate, GF style!

I used to love beer, at least I now know why I was so sick after having it now. Now, I LOVE cider. Woodchuck Draft Cider has lots of great flavors. My two favorites are the amber and pear, pictured below.

Woodchuck's Cider is a perfect drink when watching a football game, I bring it to tailgate parties and occasionally drink a pear one and add some blackcurrant juice just because...

It's a great drink, the amber cider tastes very similar to beer, I call it bubbly beer, its great to have the beer taste, without the gluten!

HUGE THUMBS UP for Woodchuck!!!

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