Friday, January 7, 2011

Portofino - Dare I Say the Best GF Pizza Yet??

I have been a loyal Pizza Fusion fan since I learned of my Celiac diagnosis. Recently, I had the pleasure to try Portofino Coal Fired Pizza and OH MY.... am I glad I did!!!

Portofino has a GF crust shipped to them (so I was told) and take precautions to keep the GF crust, well, GF.

This pizza is PERFECT pizza. I don't think I stopped to breathe at any point in time. They serve personal pizza's - that's the only GF size. I was accompanied by 3 people that did not have to have GF pies, but, in my honor, they did. EVERYONE LOVED Portofino's GF pies (and these are people who eat real pizza all the time!).

The six slices are just the right amount of pizza. Of course, I had no issue taking the who personal pie down in no time. Check our the menu - note that it says "Gluten Free crust available upon request." The reason this is EVEN better than normal is Portofino ALSO makes NUTELLA PIZZA!!!!!!! Now this is the score of the century!!

The nutella pizza is the same size, but, you'll have to forgive me, I cared MUCH more about eating this deliciousness than taking a picture - can you blame me? I ordered the nutella and strawberry pizza for desert. Wow... it is as good as it looks! Above is my leftover, which I must say, I was pleasantly surprised when it was just as amazing for breakfast the next morning!

My only qualm - I WISH there was a location closer to me!! The two locations are in Homestead and Kendall -- there are franchise opportunities available! Anyone on Miami Beach want to give it a shot?? You SHOULD!

I'll drive an hour to see you again, it's just that good!

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