Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Truclucks - Like Yoko's, A+ for GF Accommodations!!

Accommodating is an understatement for Truluck's, where the service is as 5 star as the food. I was impressed, to say the least. Truluck's has 4 South Florida locations, choose the one closest to you.

We were greeted by Doris Driscoll, our fabulous server, who I wholeheartedly recommend. Truluck's is smart, they provide servers with business cards, realizing great service is just as important as great food - its the whole package - and this is where Truluck's shines in my book. Doris is a gem, she took a genuine interest in us (it wasn't fluff to pass the time, you can tell the difference), she had a recollection of our comments, took great care to accommodate my GF needs - A+! As soon as I mentioned my gluten issues, she stopped and said she'd personally speak with the chef and come back, and she did. Here's Doris's card - don't forget to ask for Doris!

Truluck's provided us with an awesome $35 date night menu, it included a salad, steak (or any other entree you wanted) and desert! A great deal.

I started with a caesar salad, sans the glutenous croutons.

To my surprise, anchovies were included on the salad, I happily removed those. The parmesan cheese shavings and caesar dressing were sheer perfection. I asked for extra dressing, and this might be the best caesar salad.

Next, I had parmeasan truffled mashed potatoes and a filet. I eat dairy before meat, and moved the mashed potatoes over and had those first. To sum up the mashed potatoes in one word - WOW!!! The perfect hint of cheese and fresh thick potatoe taste, they are heavenly.

The filet was seasoned well (with salt, pepper, garlic), and I had the chimmichurri sauce brought on the side (unfortunately the bearnaise sauce contains gluten). It's a great steak, the kind of great steak that doesn't need any seasoning to be great, it is just great on its own.

Lastly, instead of the chocolate cake or key lime pie, Truluck's was very accommodating and provided me with the great tasting mixed berries. They were a perfect ending, to a perfect meal!

HUGE THUMBS UP for Truluck's - Don't forget to ask for Doris!!!!

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