Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yard House in Coral Gables a Great GF Meal

There's so much I really enjoy about Yard House... where to begin. First of all, they have a GF menu, which is why I decided to try it in the first place.

I'm a huge fan of "SPINACH CHEESE DIP" and have been disappointed on a number of occasions as most restaurants seem to use some form of gluten in the ingredients. What's great about Yard House is there is no gluten in its Spinach Cheese Dip! It is baked with feta, jack, parmesan and cream cheese and typically served with crispy flat bread, to accommodate those on a GF diet, they were nice enough to give me carrot sticks and celery sticks the first time I went. I went back a second time before writing this blog, and got carrot sticks again. They are very accommodating, and look how nice the presentation is! 

You're right, I did take a big biteout of this before remembering to take a photo... can't help it!

Next, I had a ceasar salad, with extra parmesan chips - pure cheese, and I was assured they are GF. They had the same texture as croutons, which was really nice - as I was beginning to forget what croutons taste like.
Next up was a burger. Burgers typically come with fries, unfortunately, the fries here are NOT GF, but, they are nice enough to sub the fries for mash potatoes, which are GF and tasty.
What I was happiest about is the fact that Yard House has Woodchuck Pear cider on tap!! This is the first time I've seen Woodchuck on tap - its delicious. For a review of Woodchuck cider - check out my previous review here.
All in all, very pleased with Yard House, and happy to return again for a delicious GF meal. THUMBS UP!!

Yard House on Urbanspoon
Yard House on Urbanspoon


  1. Everything looks really good. I am going to have to look for this Pear Cider, and you said they had it on tap?
    Spinach Dip is our favorite appetizer when out, and I so can't make it at home even slightly close.

  2. YES! Woodchuck on tap!!! Woodchuck is one of my favorite ciders thus far, and on tap its that much better!! You MUST try the spinach dip - so delish! Enjoy =)

  3. Foolishly trusting the wait staff:
    The three times I have tried yard house I had a bad experience getting containing food and drink after specific mention of the allergy and making sure to state gluten free before every item I ordered.
    The Brunehaut Bio Ambre was not brought to me the first time I ordered it, not to my knowledge never having tried it, I was brought a pint of beer. Later the next day finding this was false and not gluten-free.
    Second occasion I was brought the right beer, in the bottle, unopened, even tasting different then the previous occasion. However not gluten-free I found out later by US standards and could not be sold in the US with the gluten free label. The beer is made with barley.
    Third time I ordered a sider, however the dish I ordered had a sauce on it -- which it never had before -- I brought it up to the waitress, she took it back to the kitchen to ask, and returned with it stating it was "natural vegetable sauces" False!
    All at the Coral Gables Yard House, safe to say I am never going back again.
    Although the menu says gluten sensitive, the third case of lies put the icing on the cake, and I could have left the beer to be my misunderstanding, however, the "natural vegetable sauce" and my discomfort the following day ( and typically two weeks after) was the proof that they really have no care for the gluten free and sensitive populations they say they cater to.