Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Paquitos - Tasty Gluten Free Mexican Food in North Miami Beach

Paquitos, authentic Mexican food exists in North Miami Beach.  I've been craving delicious nachos for some time, and have no time or energy to make anything myself lately... hence the reason for this blog - and the many gluten free accommodating restaurants I've found and love to share with you.

We went to Paquitos to celebrate!!  Frank Reda passed his Chartered Market Technician test, which I hear is a really really hard test!  CONGRATS to Frank!
Frank Reda celebrating at Paquitos!  Enjoying margaritas and steak!
Here's what I had at Paquitos!

The nachos at Paquitos are baked to perfection.  I just had beans and lots-o-cheese on mine, and I wasn't nice enough to share too many, they were too good to share.

Next up was chicken tamales. 
Copied straight from the menu:
A corn husk stuffed with freshly ground cornmeal filled with shredded beef , chicken or vegetables. Then pressure steamed to a fluffy delight. Topped with our Special sauce.

I opted for no "special sauce" and enjoyed the rice and beans it came with.  Another person in our party opted for the sauce and enjoyed the tamale more than I did, which leads me to believe it needs the sauce!

I would absolutely try Paquitos again, this time getting a bigger order of nachos!!


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