Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pizza Fusion - Now on South Beach!!

Pizza Fusion FINALLY made its way to South Beach!!!!  I'm a HUGE Pizza Fusion fan, and was definitely depressed to learn of the closing of the North Miami Beach location - so I'm thrilled to know Pizza Fusion is now in my back yard!  Best of all - they have NEW menu items!!! 

This salad is an oldie but goodie, pear and Gorgonzola cheese always makes for a delicious salad! 
Here are 2 new items I fell in love with!

FLAT BREAD!!!!! So exciting to eat delicious bread that doesn't come out a freezer for me to reheat!  The three dipping sauces are great as well, my favorite is the artichoke sauce.

Spinach and artichoke pizza!!!!  YUUUMMM!
Support them on South Beach, we want them here forever!!
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  1. Celiacs beware...

    I visited the Pizza Fusion location in South Beach twice in late 2011, to have gluten-free pizza. I am a diagnosed Celiac and have high sensitivity to gluten.

    The pizza tasted very good (both times I ordered the 4-cheese with sundried tomato). But, after both occasions, I experienced slight gastrointestinal problems which indicate that there is cross-contamination when the pizza is prepared. This may be from the use of the same preparation counter, oven space, etc where flour is coming into contact with the "gluten-free" dough.

    My diet is EXTREMELY regulated so that I know whether I am affected when I try anything new. I eat "gluten-safe" or "gluten-free" meals weekly at other restaurants without problem: Oliver's (South Beach), Novecento (Brickell), Salsa Fiesta (Miami), PF Chang's, Pasha's, Pollo Tropical. I was hoping to add Pizza Fusion to my weekly list but won't be able to eat there again unless there are changes.

    For true Celiacs, gluten is like poison and even the slightest exposure should be avoided at all costs (this includes chewing gum, some medicines, etc.). Cumulative exposure damages the small intestine and leads to mal-absorption and possibly cancer, even long after exposure stops.

    I posted these same comments on Pizza Fusions' website feedback form on 11/21/11 and never received a reply.

  2. Phillip - couldn't agree more "gluten is like poison!" Different people have different reactions/levels of sensitivity. I on the other hand also consider myself quite sensitive, but have made Pizza Fusion a regular stop and have never had an issue with cross contamination with them. I've spoken with managers and have felt confident about their process. But, this is why we have a forum. It is always risky to eat out with Celiac/gluten sensitivity when restaurants are not 100% gluten free, cross contamination is possible. It's diner beware. Thank you for sharing your story and please continue to do so, especially new places you love.