Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Zuma - Miami's Upscale, Gluten Free Accommodating & Delicious Cuisine

Zuma, a modern Japanese cuisine style restaurant is your place if you're in need of an exquisite dinning experience (warning, it is pricey so make it a special occasion!).  Zuma is already in London, Hong Kong, Istanbul and Dubai, and has now blessed Miami with its presence. Zuma is inspired by the informal Japanese dinning style called izakaya.  

Let me set up my Zuma experience for you.  We called ahead, as I typically try to do when dinning in a new place - to make sure I'll have some options with my gluten free diet.  They were honest and told us weekdays are much better for accommodations then weekends, when they are slammed.  It's a perfect date night place, so my personal chef and I decided to go for our date night, i.e., Monday night (have to have something to look forward to on dreaded Monday's).  

Our server was AMAZING, I told him each item I was interested in, and he personally discussed EACH item with the head chef to assure it was gluten free.  It's a tapas style restaurant, where you meant to share items, we went a little crazy -- here's what I had (and sometimes shared):

Started with the edamame, perfectly salted
Next up, Miso soup!!  So excited that its not made with non gluten free soy sauce, it's been forever since I've been able to have it, and it was delicious.  

This beautiful rice creation came with my personal chef's sushi dish, I just wanted a bite of this - it was ok...              Needed the sushi!

I LOVE corn, this appetizer was perfect, the corn was grilled to perfection, buttered perfectly, the perfect little bites! 

The chicken wings are most memorable, not sure why they are SO much better then your average wings, they just are - and they're Gluten Free!!

Skirt steak is one of my favorite meals, its HUGE here, definitely too much for one person  (I had to take a doggy bag home, it was still amazing for lunch the next day!)...

A perfect ending with sorbet!
Looking at the pictures makes me crave my next Zuma experience, it's a real sophisticated gluten free dinning experience - you'll be glad you tried it!

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