Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough You'll LOVE

It's true. It exists. It's even frozen. I swear. I wouldn't lie about something so important. I've been searching the GLOBE for delicious chocolate chip cookies. I've found good ones. Nothing like my pre-Celiac days. That would be a difficult, if not impossible feat. Well... Keep reading!

I'm a fan of French Meadow Bakery.  My previous post was on their frozen brownies.  Needless to say, I like them, a lot.  I was excited to see the chocolate chip cookie dough in my grocers freezer isle.

Here's the deal with the chocolate chip cookie dough.  The dough itself rocks. As you can see, I ate just the dough, and yes, I did finish that cookie dough - one bite just doesn't cut it.

I was VERY tempted NOT to cook the cookies, and instead, crumble them into balls and run to the store to buy vanilla or chocolate ice cream.  Chocolate Chip or Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ICE CREAM!!  Remember those days?!  I do.  I miss them.  French Meadow brought me back there, in such a good way!! Next time, I plan to do just that!  It's $7.99 a pop - they aren't cheap - but, then again, good gluten free products rarely come cheap.

Used a toaster oven for what I think was 12 minutes, must admit I did not time these perfectly, was too distracted.  I normally UNDER bake gluten free products, I find them tastier that way -- my personal preference.  In this case, the outside was browned and crispy and the inside was gooey - just the way I like them.

I was in cookie heaven.



  1. I found these cookies to burn quite quickly. The best cookie mix I've found, though not ready made is king arthur's chocolate chip cookies.

  2. My trick to gluten free baking has been to undercook. I personally like the more chewy brownies/cookies. I underbaked these, the outside was perfectly browned and inside was a little undercooked... but, I'm in love with cookie dough so that worked for me. I haven't tried King Arthur's yet, thanks for the tip!!