Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Grill on the Alley, Aventura Mall

The Grill on the Alley, has 6 locations.  I went to the latest location, in Aventura, Florida, which to my pleasant surprise, has a special gluten free menu to cater to us Celiacs!  Check out the lunch menu here:

I was happy to start with a delicious bellini!  For $6, it was a bargain.  The rim you see on the top of the glass is sugar, and is terrific.

Next up was the brick chicken under grill classics.  I opted for the baked potato as my side, notice the salted outside. The chicken typically comes with grilled vegetables for $17.75, but, this Celiac much prefers potatoes over veges.  The substitution was no biggie, which is always nice to hear.

The chicken was perfectly cooked, moist, tasty and very filling.  There are 2 chicken breasts served for this entree.  I'm a Wendy's baked potato lover, there's something Wendy's does that most can't duplicate, their potatoes must be baking for hours and hours.  This baked potato was good, the salted outside helped, but, it's no Wendy's.

All in all, a great meal.  Satisfying and delicious.  Expensive for lunch?  Yes.  Worthwhile, sure!

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