Saturday, May 26, 2012

Morton's, the Steakhouse - NO LONGER Gluten Free Goodness!

As of February 7, 2011 I was thrilled with Morton's.  I wrote this stunning review below, and spent many a lunch and dinner enjoying Morton's.  Until yesterday.  I am still so incredibly ill from my meal at Morton's.  To be honest I am pissed, disappointed, in incredible pain, and disgusted.  I was at Morton's for a business lunch, had a caesar salad - no croutons, rib eye (specifically asked to verify the sauce and assure it was gluten free) with a baked potato (plain), and berries.  Sounds harmless... But, no.  One hour after leaving Morton's and me and the restroom bonded like I never want to bond with a restroom.  Did I advise the server I needed a gluten free meal? Yes.  Did I ask the server to confirm 100 times over that my meal would be gluten free? Yes.  Was I served a gluten free meal? Who knows?  Was I served food that gave me food poisoning? Who knows.  All I do know is that my meal at Morton's is the cause of my severe pain. I understand Morton's is recently under new management.  But, I still expect great service, including server's exceptionally trained in dealing with guests that have food allergies (which Morton's had in the past) and I expect quality food (when paying a decent price for a meal, you don't expect to be sick afterwards). I expected more from you, Morton's!  I hope Morton's new management steps up and takes a hard look at proper training, the importance of understanding the severity of guests with food allergies and the importance of quality ingredients. Until Morton's shapes up, I don't plan on returning.



Morton's, the Steakhouse is a great place for Celiacs! Good salad, good steak and great berries = a wonderful meal! Morton's has a great gluten free selection. Best of all, Morton's has a special $109 steak and seafood for TWO menu! We chose this menu and enjoyed it, see our images below. For $109 for two people, you can enjoy a salad, steak, seafood, side and dessert. A lot of food! (I'm also allergic to seafood, so I just had the steak). Makes for a great place to celebrate a special occasion.
I enjoyed my meal at Morton's, see the images here:

Caesar salad, sans croutons

Delicious filet!

Perfectly baked, baked potato!

Fresh berries, a perfect ending

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  1. Hi Jen!
    Just wanted to drop by and let you know that I'm newly obsessed with your blog! I've been GF for over 5 years and it's great to have another resource at my fingertips for eating out in Miami without triggering a gluten response from my body. Thanks for helping us Miami peeps "live without" so deliciously!

  2. Hi Jaclyn!

    People like you keep me going! =) Thanks for the fabulous comment, really appreciate it. Happy eating!


  3. I just found this site and thank you so much! I was recently diagnosed (this Thursday) and I'm so happy to find a blog such as this one! Thank you.