Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Brennan's - My Favorite New Orleans Restaurant

I love Lazone!
New Orleans is a blast.  The French Quarter's Bourbon street is as dirty as can be, garbage cans are on the street in plain site, yet, you still LOVE the place.  It's warm, very friendly, parades happen on random Tuesday's, it's a great place.  For someone like me that's gluten free, with a shellfish allergy and a distaste for seafood - me and New Orleans are not a great culinary combination.

Hands down, Brennan's, off of Royal Street, was my favorite restaurant. Lazone, the chef pictured to your right actually came out and discussed my gluten free options with me after hearing my specific allergies and needs, and created perfection for me.

Well, in full disclosure, perfection for me is chocolate + steak, with the chocolate first.

So yes, I started with chocolate!  Vanilla ice cream and strawberries topped with chocolate sauce, now that's a dessert.

Next up, filet, onions, potatoes and a delicious sauce - specifically picked by Lazone and gluten free friendly!  It's rare when a Celiac is offered an impeccable, delicious sauce to accompany your filet, and a HEAD chef that makes the time to discuss your meal, give you options, and assure all is done to perfection.

Is Brennan's expensive? Yes.  Is it worth the price?  For me, it's a no brainier, a HUGE yes.  When I make it back to NOLA, I'll be coming back to you, Brennan's!!

Brennan's Dining
 Lazone, you're the man!! HUGE  THUMBS UP!!
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