Monday, May 28, 2012

Nutritionist & Gluten Free Specialist Hits a Home Run with Belly Hugs

Belly Hugs

Belly Hugs brings 100% organic and 100% gluten free goodness to Hollywood, Florida.  Owned and operated by Dawn Michelle, a nutritionist who wanted to bring nutritional value to her client's and the rest of the world. I'm always thrilled to hear about new gluten free establishments and was extra pleased to meet Dawn Michelle in person and hear how she genuinely cared to help and how excited she was to have a venue to do so.

Belly Hugs is a gluten free haven.  From pizza, to waffles to cupcakes and breads - it's all here!  As you'll note from the case below, Belly Hugs also makes custom cakes!

The shelves are stocked with all different kinds of cupcakes - and let me tell you, some are as original as it comes.  When have you heard of a creamsicle cupcake??  Belly Hugs has it!

And donuts, oh yes, can't forget the donuts!

So what did I buy you ask?  Hot dog buns, hamburger buns, chocolate chip challah, chocolate cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes, creamsicle cupcakes, and donuts - oh yeah!

The MOST memorable?  The hot dog and hamburger buns and chocolate chip challah were my hands down favorites.


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