Monday, February 21, 2011

The Gluten Free Expo Review, What YOU Missed!

The Celiac Disease Foundation of South Florida sponsors a Gluten Free Expo in West Palm Beach. This year, the expo took place in the West Palm Beach Fairgrounds to accommodate the larger crowd with an interest in gluten free foods. Last year, over 1,300 people attended, this year, I would definitely venture to say there were much more than 1,300.

The scene was intense, it was a free for all, samples everywhere, people crowding every booth waiting for the next heated sample to get on plates, and into our mouths.

I was most interested in products I had not yet heard of -- and below are some of my top picks. If you've been eating GF for some time, you've heard of of tried the products I've already wrote blogs on - Kinnickinnick, Rudi's, French Meadow, Schar, Glutino, Nana's, Katz's, etc. Below are products that were new to me, so I hope I can show you something also new to you!

I didn't realize Whole Foods had its own gluten free bakehouse... I now know why, all of these products are not in every store! Like everything in life, if you want it, you need to fight for it with corporate. Check out the listing of all of the products they make, impressive, huh?

Smooze makes really yummy fruit ice, its a great snack, and best of all, its shelf stable. You can freeze them, unfreeze them and freeze them again, and they remain slushy and yummy. I tried the mango and was pleasantly surprised.

When's the last time you had a quesadilla? I had one on Saturday, thanks to French Meadow. This tortilla really tasted like what I remember tortilla's are supposed to taste like. It was great! Of course, I haven't yet seen this product in my local Publix -- another one I'll need to fight for!

Frozen chicken tenders are a big favorite of mine. I really did like these. I must say Bell and Evans is still my favorite, but, these were good.
Drum roll please.... My favorite item of the day..... ONION RINGS!!! Yes, you heard me, ONION RINGS are possible!

Ian's makes delicious onion rings, and the sample we had were out of a portable oven, imagine in a deep fryer!!!

I have to say, it was truly AWESOME to have various vendors let us gluten free folk sample their creations. The feeling of knowing you can try EVERY sample in the room and not get sick (and not have to ask is this GF) is incredible!!

If you couldn't make it this year, I strongly suggest you make the drive next year, THUMBS UP!!

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