Friday, February 25, 2011

Goya, Gluten Free Crackers!

I was REALLY pleased to see 75 year old Goya foods presenting Gluten Free Maria Cookies! It's always awesome to see a well known, renowned company jump on the gluten free bandwagon. Best of all, I found these cookies at Publix.
When I went to Goya's website to learn what other products were gluten free, I was a bit surprised to note that my gluten free searches were fruitless. Although they spent the time and money advertising Gluten Free on the box, they aren't doing the same on the website.

Goya is known for its latin foods, rice, beans, seasonings, etc. I never associated them with Gluten Free, but, was really pleasantly surprised to see these cookies.

These are corn based cookies, and are really delicious. A great snack for the afternoon - after lunch, around 3-4 p.m., I'm always hungry - I've pulled these out and have had my hunger quenched. They're filling and tasty.

Thumbs Up for Goya - I hope to see more "Gluten Free" on your labels!


  1. They have produced a great cookie wafer. The NJ Goya Foods office sent me a sample for my kids to try. They loved them, but we live in CA and they are not offered on the West Coast nor online. Very sad for my boys...

  2. Can these Maria cookies be ordered?? I live in Toronto, Canada. I have gone on their website and can't seem to find them there.

  3. I've been informed the best way to get a product sold in your neighborhood is to 1. go to the store manager in local supermarket and request it and 2. call that supermarkets head office and request it again. I've only seen this product in limited stores. Let us know if you've seen this product near you!!

  4. Hannafords in Easton Massachusetts has these. I was so happy to see them. They have replaced better than any other gluten free product, my craving for graham crackers..they also make a wonderful crust for pies and cookie bars.

  5. I discovered these 4 years ago and they are great!
    Below is a link to a fantastic company!

  6. Some WalMarts in GA carry them!

  7. Just like the gluten-free crackers I also love to have the gluten free wafers. To me it is one of the best things to eat.