Monday, February 28, 2011

Morgans - Gluten Free Accommodation at its Finest!

Morgan's is dubbed "Miami's modern home-style comfort food" and I couldn't agree more! The staff and chefs are knowledgeable about Celiac disease and gluten free foods. They told me they would even make gluten free corn bread for me next time, if I called ahead a day before! Oh how I miss good corn bread! Morgan's is in Miami's design district and as you can see on the left, Morgan's is a house turned restaurant - making it homey from the moment you walk in.

Take a peak at the menu here.

I started with the lentil soup $8 - it was perfect lentil soup. The flavors were just right, best of all, it was vegan and gluten free and still tasted great!

Next, I had the "1/2 Lemon and Herb Bell & Evans Chicken" $19. It typically comes with french fries (that unfortunately are NOT GF) but, they were very nice to accommodate and switch to roasted potatoes, which were gluten free and delicious!

2 things to note --
  1. This chicken and roasted potatoes meal was a 10/10! It reminded me of Michael's Genuine's chicken I had, except Michael's was a 4-5 at best for $23, this was MUCH better and a lot more value for the money, a lot more taste - comfort food was right, the flavors were on, it was exactly what you would want it to be. Michael's can learn from Morgan's!
  2. Morgan's staff and chef are not only knowledgeable, they are also NICE and SO ACCOMMODATING! This is a good lesson for Oliver's - I have to say, I've never been more disappointed at a restaurant for being inconsiderate and unaccommodating. Oliver's can learn a lot from Morgan's as well.

For dessert, Morgan's has refreshing sorbet $4 on the menu. It was the perfect ending to such a satisfying meal.

Morgan's, you rate very high in my book! Gluten-free accommodating - check!, delicious comfort food with amazing flavors - check!, knowledgeable and nice staff - check!, free parking on site - check! (a big plus for Miami!)!


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  1. That's a nice-looking place with even better looking food. It's a place anyone from or visiting Miami should visit.

  2. You're not kidding about the food. I have a serious sweet tooth and that sorbet just has my mouth watering. I'm making it a point to check this place out the next time I'm in Miami.

  3. I agree. It looks very compelling. I would love to stay in that place where excellent foods are being served. I think I should visit Miami next month.

  4. Thank you, on going on a date tomorrow to Morgans!