Friday, February 18, 2011

Gluten Free in Orlando, Florida! Steak and Chocolate!!! Part 1...

If you've been reading, you know I can't live without steak and chocolate, and if you throw in good potatoes, I'm in heaven! This has everything to do with the post today, steak, potatoes and good chocolate! Let's just say I was a happy girl in Orlando =) Charley's Steak House and Babycakes NYC are what were talking about.

Charley's Steak House has AMAZING steaks. They are aged on site for 4-6 weeks, and seasoned for 30 hours before being grilled over an oak and citrus wood pit. You can taste the amazing wood flavor in the steak. I had the 10 oz filet (and even had enough to share).

Now... let me tell you, you'll be hard pressed to find better potatoes. I don't know their secret, but, I can say, these are ridiculous. So soft on the inside, and the perfect crisp on the outside. And... they are $2.99!!! I always order a second order, one just isn't enough.

And for dessert ~~

On to Babycakes NYC. They now have 3 locations, the latest being in Dowtown Disney. I have to say, walking by, you'd NEVER know Babycakes NYC was there. The location is poor marketing on their part. They are tucked in to Fresh-A-Peel, along side a Pollo Campero, but, you won't see ANY signage for it. Silly, I think.

On to the chocolate! I tried just about EVERYTHING they had - here are some pics for you.

The cupcakes... Sadly, these are my least favorite. I'm not in love with the icing, and the cupcake itself was not all that moist and scrumptious. I much prefer BITE's cupcakes than Babycakes NYC.

Now, this is where Babycakes NYC succeeds, the brownie bites are to DIE for!! Perfectly cooked brownie, and the icing on top of this is slight, and goes with the brownie much better than it does with the cupcake (from my point of view). (Tis why there was no way I could wait to take a pic before having a bite)... If you like sweet, sweet, sweet - this is for you!

Chocolate covered cake bites, these are EVEN BETTER than the brownie bites. The cake is perfectly moist and the chocolate its dipped in is perfection.

Chocolate crunch donut. It's ok. I prefer chocolaty galore, and this is ok. If you've tried and love Duncan donuts or crispy creme, this won't do it for you.

The chocolate chip cookies are the star of the show! I've been hard pressed to find delicious, moist, (not crumbly and ehh) gluten free chocolate chip cookies. These are the best I've found.

Cranberry loaf! This is a great breakfast food. It's not that crumbly, can be heated up as a warm loaf, the cranberries are great (wish there were more of them).

Bottom line, Charley's is your star in Orlando for a great gluten free meal, and for dessert, head over to Babycakes NYC, if you can find them!


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