Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sweet Freedom Bakery

I'm always excited to hear of gluten free bakeries. I've joined every gluten free group I could find on facebook (fyi - add me on facebook - I'm "Gluten Free" - you can also find me by my email!). I came across Sweet Freedom bakery, read some great reviews, and knew I had to try it. The bakeries in Philadelphia, but, gives you two shipping options - overnight (which will always cost more than what you're ordering), or ground (which is semi reasonable - at least $15-$25... what I won't do for chocolate chip cookies...).

I checked out the menu, was most excited about the cupcakes - but... frosting can't be shipped ground... Booo... =(

Cookies could only be ordered by the dozen ($13.75 a dozen). I ordered a dozen chocolate chip cookies, and a dozen chocolate chocolate chip cookies.

As you can see above, they come individually wrapped, and with popcorn stuffing. I've received many orders with dry ice - which I think makes for better shipping.

I also ordered a half dozen blueberry muffins ($18 - I was disappointed I had to order by the half dozen, as I really wanted to try other muffins as well - but, just don't have the freezer space, nor did I want to spend another $18!). Lastly, I ordered a half dozen brownies ($15). See them below.

My favorite was the chocolate chip cookies. They tasted like the real thing! But... here's the real deal - the brownies.. well, I think I can make them better with Betty Crocker's mix - mine don't crumble and taste better. The muffins, well, for $3, I was really hoping for a real size, large muffin, these are tiny (about the same size as the Kinnikinnick blueberry frozen muffins). The taste of these muffins is much better then Kinnikinnick's, with large blueberries in them, but... not good enough for me to order again. Lastly, the chocolate chocolate chip cookies - we'll, I thought I'd be enamored with these, and I wasn't. They were OK..

I say this with a grain of salt, because Sweet Freedom Bakery is gluten free, vegan, dairy free, egg free, soy free, corn free, peanut free, refined sugar free, AND kosher. With all of these ingredients out of the mix - it has to be difficult to create an amazing tasty product. Since I only need gluten free products, I'd prefer the egg and dairy in there for taste. Am I glad I tried the baked goods? Yes! Will I order again? No.

Thumbs Sideways for Sweet Freedom, for what you have to work with, you do an AMAZING job. For Celiacs that have options for other ingredients (like dairy/egg) I'd look elsewhere.

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