Monday, December 13, 2010

Naked... Pizza! GF!

Naked Pizza! Such a sexy name for a Pizza place! Their website boasts an all natural dough with no preservatives and chemicals. They also have a GF Rice Flour crust, hence why I had the pleasure to try the nakedness. The GF pizza only comes in Medium, my hope is that they purchase the GF crust elsewhere and have strict policies so their pizza isn't cross contaminated with the non-GF crusts -- so I've sent corporate an email asking, and will update once I hear a response. I was not sick after I tried Naked's pizza... but, I'm still looking forward to Naked Pizza's response.

Here's a list of Naked Pizza locations -- as you can see, there are many more to come.

As for the pizza itself, well, the rice flour crust is a thin crust, and the sauce and cheese is quite good. It looks just like the real thing, and really does taste like the real thing as well!

I must compare to Pizza Fusion -- whose Pizza I am quite obsessed with - as you can see from my previous post. Pizza Fusion almost feels like its gourmet pizza - a perfect 10 to me, a special treat, while Naked Pizza is good, but isn't quite a 10 to me. I prefer the square crust and sauce and cheese at Pizza Fusion -- but... Naked Pizza is closer and cheaper~($9.99)!!

I am thrilled to have a GF pizza option so close to home! Big Thumbs Up for Naked Pizza - I look forward to the response from management re: cross contamination so I can continue my cravings for Naked Pizza!

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  1. Thrilled with Naked Pizza's response, copied below (with a cool video, special for us GF folk!):

    Jen -

    Thanks for your email. Please see the following video - password soupbone). Note our gluten-free crusts are made off site and shipped to the individual stores and yes, the gluten-free crusts share the same oven with our regular crust. But we use different pans etc.

    jeff leach

    - Show quoted text -

    On Dec 11, 2010, at 3:11 PM, Gluten Free In South Florida wrote:

    Hello. I am grateful that you have a gluten free pizza, as I have to be on a strict gluten free diet (like many others all across the U.S.) and would like assurance of the following:
    Is your gluten free rice flour crust made in each individual store or shipped from another facility?
    What steps does each store take to avoid contamination with non gluten free pizzas?
    Do gluten free pizza's share the same oven space with non gluten free pizzas?
    Thank you for your time!

    Jen Diaz
    Gluten Free Beat