Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chocolate Wafers - Sans Gluten!

I'm a HUGE Glutino fan. It's a chocolate, GF and kosher treat, right up my alley. Glutino's delicious wafer cookies really taste just like their non GF counterparts.
Glutino has a vast array of products (more than 80!!), from breads to snacks to frozen dinners (I recently tried the Penne Alfredo - and for a quick frozen dinner, it was GREAT!) to pretzels (I love the chocolate covered pretzels!).
The lemon wafers are also incredible (and for those of you that keep kosher, it's wonderful that they are pareve too!).
The actual size of the wafer is close to what's showed on the package. I've compared the actual wafer to the box picture below -- see how close it is?!?
I'm glad Glutino is all over my local supermarket, huge THUMBS UP to Glutino, keep up all of the amazing GF products!

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