Saturday, December 11, 2010

GF Pad Thai Wars - Who Does it Best?

The GF Pad Thai Wars is on! The contest is between my two favorites, Thai House II and Sushi Maki. I tried Chicken Pad Thai at both... and the winner is... well, you have to read on for that! It was confirmed by both restaurants that the Chicken Pad Thai at both was GF.

I used to dislike rice noodles -- but, in my new GF life, I love the fact that I can have noodles, so I'm now used to, and actually like rice noodles. Add bean sprouts, chicken, and peanut sauce, and I'm in GF heaven.

Thai House II's Chicken Pad Thai is pretty delicious, but, felt like it was missing something. The flavoring was off for me (as a caveat... this was my first time having pad thai here, I've known many other people who are addicted to pad thai at the Thai House II, so this may have been a one time occurrence). I have had more meals than I could count at Thai House II over the years (all have been AMAZING), of course, non have been GF -- switching over is tough, especially with so many fond memories... But, I'm glad to know Chicken Pad Thai is always an option. The rice noodles were cooked perfectly, the chicken is always great, it was just the flavor, it was a hint too strong, not peanut'ish strong, but, more lemongrass'ish strong.

Thai House II

I am addicted to Sushi Maki's pad thai. Since I had it the first time, I've been back at least 4 more times (in about a month period!). I LOVE the addition of lemon, the layer of bean sprouts (although I do wish they were cooked, like the bean sprouts in Thai House II's pad thai). I especially LOVE the layer of peanuts on the top. The rice noodles are great, the flavor is 100% ON.

Sushi Maki
Drum Roll please..... and my winner is..... SUSHI MAKI!!!! Who makes your favorite pad thai?

Huge Thumbs Up to both Thai House II and Sushi Maki - keep the GF selections coming!

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