Thursday, December 2, 2010

Looking for GF in Islamorada??

Looking for GF food while traveling can stink. I was in Islamorada for the weekend, and really hoped places would be accommodating. Thankfully, my hotel had a full kitchen. So, if all else failed, Publix and my stove could save the day. I was so pleased when I came across Bentley's, and forgot all about the hotel's kitchen.

Of course, like most places in the keys, its a seafood restaurant. And, also of course, I really dislike, and don't eat seafood. I heard their drunken sweet potatoes were legendary, so I was hopeful they'd have other menu items I could choose from. I'm glad we went. It was great. Our server was knowledgeable and happy to inquire on my behalf for GF option, and readily told me the fries weren't for me, but, the items below that I had we're perfect. Here's the menu to check out.

I started with delicious corn on the cob ($2). Although most corn on the cob is good, great corn on the cob makes me very happy. This is great corn on the cob, so much so, that I ordered a second. The butter is dripping, it rocks.

Moved on to these delicious "Bentley's drunken sweet potatoes" ($4.25). These sweet potatoes are unreal. We asked what was in them -- they contain rum, brown sugar, butter, ginger, and cinnamon. They are a must try.

Lastly, I really wanted chicken, so I was pleased when our server confirmed they would bake chicken wings special for me (10 for $7.95). So nice, right??

This was a delicious meal. Always nice to know there are GF options when traveling - when in Islamorada, Bentley's is a must try.

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  1. Looking at their menu, I bet most of the seafood can be done gluten-free, too!