Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yokos - Where GF Accomodating is an Understatement

Yoko's Japanese Restaurant on Miami Beach is a quaint locals joint, that gets BIG points in my book for its customer service. Although I'm not a sushi lover, I've heard Yoko's sushi is fresh and delicious. I'm in it for the cooked food. What I LOVE Yoko's for, is they are SO accommodating, and let me bring my San-J gluten free soy sauce to use in cooking my meal. They also assured me that my meal was cooked separately so no contamination should take place. Yoko's has buckwheat noodles with chicken for $13, which they used my GF soy sauce to cook! See the full menu here.

Oliver's Restaurant on Miami Beach needs to take a clue from Yoko's amazing service. Oliver's, instead, is the complete opposite -- in an empty restaurant they will make NO accommodations, period -- and that's straight from the owner - see my post here.

I was really pleased with my noodles, it was a delicious meal, and 100% GF!
BIG THUMBS UP FOR YOKO'S - You're accommodations are greatly appreciated!!

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  1. Be careful with buckwheat noodles. Often times, they have wheat in them, as well as buckwheat. Found out the hard way.