Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'll Admit It - I go to Joe's Stone Crab for....

Joe's Stone Crab (11 Washington Ave, Miami Beach) is famous for stone crabs and all sorts of (what I hear is) delicious seafood - open for 98 years! It's an icon on Miami Beach, and I'm absolutely the cheapest date at Joe's. Thankfully, I'm not a seafood lover, as I recently found out, in addition to Celiac disease, I'm also allergic to fish and shellfish. So... I'm thankful Joe's Stone Crab also makes delicious... CHICKEN! Who would have thought? Yes... I go to Joe's Stone Crab for CHICKEN!

Joe's has a walk up take out restaurant, in addition to the beautiful restaurant (where some have to grease the doorman to get a table all are vying for).

Who am I kidding, I start with the dessert!! Thankfully there was a really nice chef walking around, that was able to discuss the ingredients in the Flourless Chocolate Cake -- and to my surprise it was GF!! There is a rice coating on top, but, it's safe - the chocolate is OMG delicious - a perfect start to a great meal. Isn't it beautiful? And... it's $3.95!

Next, the 1/2 roasted chicken ($6.95) - the take out chicken comes with bbq sauce, cole slaw and corn bread (unfortunately, the bbq sauce and corn bread are NOT GF -- cole slaw isn't my thing, so I didn't ask).

It's perfectly cooked chicken, a side of ketchup and it makes for a great lunch.

Next... a small side order of hash browns ($6.25 which the chef confirmed is cooked separately, and has no gluten issues). No other potato side is safe - thankfully, you won't want any other potato side after trying the hash browns.

A perfect lunch, and would also be a perfect dinner - reasonably priced - and scrumptious!


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