Sunday, October 24, 2010

Books and Books - French Fries Here I Come! WOOHOO!!!


And... I LOVE the Cafe at Books and Books for frying them separately!!!! I'm so emphatic about it, because virtually NO other restaurant does. I go on with cravings for fries, and its rare when a restaurant doesn't put its - breaded this or breaded that - in the same fryer as my delicious fries. Books and Books Cafe is fabulous as they offer LOTS of yummy sides (see the menu of sides I took a shot of below) -- ALL (but the couscous) ARE GF!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!

(If it looks like fries are missing & ketchup's been messed with...
your right... it has... sue me for being hungry!)

I've recently tried the Yucca Fries below, DELISH as well. Very soft and tasty, not the crunchy fried outer layer I'm used to, but soo good nonetheless... Yes, you caught me, it originally comes with 6 pieces... I couldn't help myself...

Next course was my salad... Tried to take a decent pic of the menu so you can see the Goat Cheese salad (the menu hyperlinked is to the Coral Gables location, slow to load, but, similar if not the same as the Lincoln Road location).

YUM -- the goat cheese salad includes pears, walnuts, carrots, topped with chevre served on mixed field greens with guava-citrus dressing! How pretty is this?!

So many options for Celiacs at Books and Books (& servers are educated about allergies)! I love all the sides, the fried boniato plain and simply rocks as well. I think I'm going to have to go back and just have 1 of every side. I love everything fried, the more fattening the better - bring it on! SO nice to have a place I can say I'd like an order of french fries, yucca fries and fried boniato and I don't have to worry about getting sick!


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