Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cheese and Crackers? Yes, Please!!

The Epicure Market on Miami Beach has been one of my favorite markets since childhood. It's known that they are an expensive market, but, they typically have exceptional fresh products and service. They have an amazing bakery, and prepared foods section. Now, I have to view epicure from a Gluten Free prospective, and find it a lot more difficult to shop -- but, they still have some great options.

As I was shopping for dinner last night, I came across my favorite part, samples!! I tried the "Pantaleo" goat cheese, pictured below, it is DIVINE!!!! It's sharp, but, has such a delicious savory flavor, you just can't stop at one piece. The cheese was pricey, $20.99 a pound, I purchased about a quarter a pound for $5.67 (as you can see below).

I know this cheese would be mine, but... I longed for good crackers -- to me, cheese needs crackers! All of the crackers I previously tried were blah, unforgettable, and definitely not worth purchasing a second time. I asked the wonderful woman providing these delicious samples if she had a gluten free cracker recommendation. Low and behold, she did! We walked over to the cracker section, and I asked if she had tried them, explained how unimpressed I have been with crackers, and she said -- Let's open the box and have you try them! This is why I shop at Epicure, this was SERVICE! So, I tried the "Cracklebred" original crackers (they do have 2 other types I hope to try soon!) pictured below. I was able to pair them with the Panteleo cheese, and it was perfect! I brought the combo back to dinner, and the plate of cheese and crackers was gone instantly! DELICIOUS COMBO!!!

I'll save my Epicure prepared foods story for another blog... For now.. Let's just say the service I received above was NOT the same as I received asking for gluten free prepared foods. I've sent an email to Epicure's headquarters, and I'll fill you in on the response, once received. For now (until I receive the response from Headquarters), Epicure still remains a thumbs up location. We always joke you have to mortgage your home to go in, but, the products remain worthwhile!

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  1. I wrote to Epicure after having a difficult (to say the least) experience at the deli counter. I loved Epicure's prepared foods, and REALLY wanted them to be GF... well... here was the response received...

    Ms. Diaz:

    Firstly, we at Epicure aare very sorry you had this experience with us. We extend to you our most sincere apology. Most of the food behind the deli counter and in our prepared foods section does indeed contain gluten. Unfortunately, we do not have a list of gluten-free prepared/hot foods. Next time you come into the store, please ask for JC or Rick from the deli. They are our deli managers, and they will be able to give you definite answers as to what contains gluten and what does not. We do indeed have a great cheese staff, and your compliments will be passed along to our store manager. Again, we apologize for this inconvenience.

    Epicure Market Customer Service