Monday, October 18, 2010

CHOCOLATE GELATO (GF, Dairy Free and OMG!!!)

After opening The Gelato Shoppe's Chocolate Noir, I cannot control myself, my full container quickly becomes empty...!!!! (You won't be able to either)... Who are they kidding, best if consumed by April, 2011... I just opened the container last night, I was nice enough to share... The half container left was quickly devoured this morning... my container is now empty. =(
I'm tempted to lick the sides, but, I'll control myself. Bottom line, this product ROCCKKSSS!!!!!!
Here are my happy "BEFORE!" and sad "AFTER... =(" pics... This will be you!

I'm obviously an uncontrollable chocoholic, all who know me can attest to this. I love great chocolate. This chocolate sorbet is just what the doctor ordered! It's GF, dairy free and KOSHER!! WOOHOO!! It's like hitting the lottery, oh... and... drum roll please..... it's OMG delicious and it's not bad for you (see nutrition facts below)!!!!
I'm in love, someone stop me from going back to Epicure to buy another pint! Here comes the catch, its $9 a pint! I know, the price hurts... I'm now trying to order by the dozen from the The Gelato Shoppe! Wish me luck!


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