Thursday, October 14, 2010


Katz's Gluten Free plain and simply ROCKS!  I especially love 3 of their products, their sliced challah, and chocolate and cinnamon rugelech.  Only downside is it has to be ordered and shipped (thankfully shipping is reasonably priced). I'd love to see it on store shelves! 

I have tried so many breads, and have always had a deep craving for delicious challah.  I was incredibly excited to see that Katz's made GF challah, but, was of course weary to taste it.  What I love about Katz's is their FREE sample pack!  Yes, you read this correctly, FREE (just pay for shipping).  It's a great way to try the products Katz's has to offer.  I did, and found that the sliced challah was right up my alley.  It will never be the real thing, but, it is the closest I have come to it.  The consistency of the bread, shockingly, tastes like bread as I once knew it.  It's not a crumbly mess and you can even eat it cold (although I prefer heating it up). 

My favorite "Sliced Challah Bread":

I am an absolute chocoholic (and tough chocolate critic) and I LOVE the chocolate rugelech.  The taste is divine; I have been known to eat the whole pack in one sitting.  The cinnamon rugelech is no 2nd place, it's right there at 1st place along side the chocolate, they are both delicious deserts that don't taste like they are GF!!  The don't crumble, don't need to be heated to taste great, and they taste like that I remember rugelech to taste like -- so what more can I ask for??  Thumbs way up for Katz's!

The Chocolate and Cinnamon Rugelach:

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