Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nana's Chocolate Crunch Cookie - A Crumbly Mess...

I was thrilled to see Nana's at Whole Foods, the label clearly states NO Gluten, and it was a chocolate cookie we were talking about... I'm thinking, c'mon this has to be great...

Well... guess again.
I opened the wrapper weeks ago, took one bite, closed it, haven't opened it since. The next time I opened my "snack" drawer and saw it.. I just threw it out.

Why, you ask? It's a crumbly mess. I've had amazing cookies that are GF, dairy free, and egg free, but... these weren't it. They had no taste. I'm a known chocoholic, maybe I prefer sweeter, more decadent chocolate, this didn't do it for me... at all.

Maybe.. for those health nuts out there, that may sacrifice taste for a glitch of chocolate, this product is wonderful. For me, I'm a girl that loves food, and chocolate is my #1... This product lacks flavor, its not chocolaty, it's not sweet, it crumbles on you, there's no crunch (like you'd expect from a crunch bar). It's just not good.
Nana's makes a whole line of other products, but, to be honest, I have no desire to spend my hard earned money on them.
Nana's, I love that you tried, these could be great, please work on them.
For now... Thumbs Down. Someone please tell Nana's to perfect her sweetener and chocolate, when she does, I want to hear about it.

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