Saturday, October 30, 2010

Glenny's Cranberry and Almond Bar -- When Should the Energy Kick In?

I'm always hungry. I eed/crave/want snack foods galore. When I found glenny's Cranberry & Almond Fruit & Nut Energy Bar I thought, this could be a great afternoon snack & just the boost of energy I need.

glenny's website has a gluten free section, they are health conscious and promote other GF products as well. For this, they receive a big star in my book. glenny's has a listing of products under the GF section, it includes soy crisps, oatmeal cookies, other bars, etc. Check it out.

As for the bar I tried, it was ok. I love nuts, and love cranberries, so this should have been a where do I order these by the dozen?, but, instead, its Ehhh. My opinion, this is another health conscious type of product and I'm not of the school where now that I have Celiac disease, I'm all of the sudden a health nut, I still want tasty products that were afforded to me during my GF days.

This product... we'll its okay. Run to the store to buy more - no. Amazing - no. Okay when you need a snack desperately, yes. Although the product label states its an Energy bar, I craved something else when I finished the bar, and can't say that I found the energy it promotes. The afternoon was still a sluggish one for me.

My thoughts are still ehhh. This is a thumbs sideways - if I'm in need of a snack and haven't figured out my GF alternatives (or turn into the ultra health conscious person I likely should be), I'll purchase again, otherwise, ehhh.

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