Monday, November 1, 2010

Sharon's Dutch Chocolate Sorbet - Blah at Best

I'm overly excited when I see products that are GF, Dairy Free, Kosher and contain chocolate. On day's that I find all of these in one product, I make sure I play the lottery.

Sharon's Sorbet is all of these! I opened the pint with pure adrenaline, I thought I was surely killing the pint in one sitting... But... after one spoonful, my urging desire to eat the pint faded, I put the top on, and set it back in freezer for another day...

See for yourself below. It didn't look appealing when I opened the pint, but, I had to try it. The taste, well, it was blah, okay, not as chocolaty delicious as I expected. The Gelato Shoppe has set the bar way too high for other chocolate sorbet/gelato, Dairy Free, GF, Kosher products - my review on them is here. Sharon's... I'm sorry... You just don't compare, you'd probably love The Gelato Shoppe's Chocolate Noir though.

I'm legitimately torn on this one. In a chocolate emergency, it's still chocolate and will do.. and I still am excited about it being GF, kosher, dairy free, etc., but.. it's still blah... It's a mixed review.

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