Sunday, November 7, 2010

Argentinian Steakhouse - Reasonably Priced for Steak on Miami Beach!

I was craving a steak around 10 pm on a weeknight. I then found out Outback steak house had closed its doors on South Beach, a sad realization. Thankfully, I came across La Parrilla Liberty, an Argentinian Steakhouse on 6th and Washington Ave.

I started with a white wine sangria, was decent. I love fruit marinated in sangria for a long time, you could tell this was fruit just put in at the last minute, nonetheless, for a quick sangria, it was fine.

They have a full selection of meats off the grill, I chose the 14 oz skirt steak, I was hungry!

The steak was perfectly cooked, the chimichurri sauce that came with it was great as well. For $19 for a large skirt steak with a side, this was not a bad deal.
Check out the menu items. Unfortunately, the french fries are fried with items that contain gluten, but, the white rice and mashed potatoes are gluten free friendly.
All in all a great meal, at a late hour.
THUMBS UP to La Parrilla Liberty!

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