Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Breaded GF Chicken Nuggets - Wow!

Bell & Evans makes delicious breaded gluten free chicken nuggets. What I miss the most, is convenient food! I want to come home from work and be able to line a pan with aluminum foil and put something in the oven, come back in 20 minutes, and have a meal. This is much harder being GF.

I was thrilled to find Bell & Evans GF chicken tenders and shocked when I took them out of my oven and realized they taste JUST like the real thing. The chicken was great, it was breast meat - didn't taste like filler meat. The breading was wonderful - so tasty, flavorful, crunchy, just like the non GF counterparts I fondly remembered. See a similar product review giving Bell & Evans rave reviews.

The flavor, moisture, texture, and breading in these tenders is perfect. I've tried the chicken strips and tenders, both are perfect. Bell & Evans has this down to a science!

Bell & Evans also produces non GF items, and according to their website takes steps to guard against contamination like training its employees, segregating ingredients, GF products are produced only at beginning of shifts - see more on the website link.


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